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Flex Point PAC is inspiring the stars of tomorrow with positive, nurturing, and enthusiastic attitudes. The unique mother and daughter team of Sally and Nicole Doerr, along with their excellent staff, aspire to promote confidence, motivation, and skill with their students. We strive to teach them not only to respect themselves but to respect others with teamwork and dedication. Our goal is to support the growth of our students, not only as dancers but as human beings. Flex Point is driven to create well-trained dancers who would like to either achieve personal goals or go on to pursue professional careers in the performing arts.  

Mission Statement

Offering Classes In:

Ballet-Ballet is one of the most important dance forms.  It is a highly technical form of dance with it's own vocabulary.  Ballet is graceful, flowing, and assists in a dancer's continuing improvement in all kinds of dance.  At Flex Point, we teach strong technique, while concentrating on injury prevention.  Our ballet is taught as a combination of Russian and French, with flares of other styles included as well.  As dancers develop, they may be able to take Pointe.  Dancers need to have the ballet instructor's approval in order to take Pointe.  Flex Point has ballet classes offered for ages 3 through Adult.

Pointe- Pointe is an advanced form of ballet in which the dancer wears pointe shoes. Dancing on pointe is a very elegant, yet athletic talent and requires grace and strength. To compliment the form of this dance discipline, the pointe shoe is regarded as an extension of the foot and a continuation of the leg line. However, regardless of a dancer's technical ability, a pointe shoe must fit properly in order to
provide the support required to dance on pointe.  Dancers wishing to dance on pointe, must speak with the ballet instructor for approval to assure that the dancer is ready, developed, and strong enough.

Lyrical- Lyrical dance is a combination of ballet and jazz dancing techniques.  Lyrical dance challenges choreographers and dancers to use motion to interpret music and express emotion.  Lyrical tells a story through movement. Lyrical dance demonstrates technique and control. Dancers need to have a base in jazz and ballet before taking lyrical. Lyrical is a very popular form of dance.

Jazz- Jazz dance is both a technical dance form and a creative art form. Jazz can refer to several related dance styles. Jazz teaches students correct technique and vocabulary that is also used in other dance forms. Various technical skills have been adapted to fit the Jazz form of dance. Flex Point begins teaching jazz at age 5 and offers many levels as student's get older and improve. Jazz dance is a very important base for student's to excel in all types of dance.

Hip Hop- Hip Hop has evolved as part of hip hop culture. It refers to mainly street dance styles, primarily danced to hip hop music. Unlike most dance forms, hip hop has few set boundaries for music and style.  Hip hop is also a very popular dance form and is most commonly seen in music videos and on TV. Flex Point begins teaching Hip Hop at age 3-Adult.

Tap- The name Tap refers to the tapping sounds made when the metal plates on the dancer's shoes make contact with a hard surface. Tap teaches rhythm and coordination. It is a very fun form of dance and is enjoyed by all ages 3 through Adult.  Tap shoes make your feet an instrument, with endless rhythms and sounds. Tap can be fun and also challenging. It is a very entertaining dance form to watch and perform.

Musical Theatre- Musical Theatre dance is a dance form that combines both dancing, acting, and singing/lip-syncing. Musical theatre can use and combine many dance forms. In musical theatre dance you portray a character and act out the lyrics through dance. Musical theatre is very fun and entertaining. Flex Point currently does not offer musical theatre dance for recreational students, but plans on incorporating it into the schedule in the near future.  

Acro/Tumbling- Flex Point's acro/tumbling program is designed to enhance our dancer's skills. Our teachers promote flexibility, conditioning, and strength while working on basic skills. Our student's get hands-on spotting and learn more advanced skills on an individual basis. Flex Point's acro/tumbling can be fun to take if you are learning handstands, somersaults or cartwheels. It can also be fun for working on back-walkovers, aerials, or back handsprings.

Tricks & Turns- A class designed specifically to improve dancer's skills. Students will work on turns, leaps, jumps, and various other progressions across the floor and in the center of the floor.

Pre-School Program- Our pre-school program is designed for 3-5 year olds that would like to learn a foundation in dance and movement. Our program fosters the love of movement and introduces the preschooler to coordination, body alignment and posture, musical rhythm, beat and time, and perceptual motor skills. Integrated with the physical concepts are intellectual concepts of self awareness, creative
expression, imagination and teamwork. We currently offer a Ballet/Tap combo class. 

Pre-School Ballet- teaches balance, arm movements, and various other steps
Pre-School Tap- enhances rhythm and foot articulation